[20M] I want to eliminate my acne once and for all nor matter how hard it is.|Once and for all nor matter how hard it is, I would like to get rid of my acne.

I’m presently doing a cerave lathering facial cleanser, pro-active exfoliant (action 2 blue bottle), and benzegel 5 %. Two times a day. I consume great deals of water and take 3 salmon/fish oils, 3 selenium each day, and consume a lots of water. I exercise daily and practice meditation daily. I believe among my issues is the whey shake I take after my exercise, so I will attempt cutting that out.

The primary issue is that whenever my acne improves (the very best it’s remained in months), I still have red areas below my mouth, which is I think simply remaining damage from previous .

I wish to get on a complete program (diet plan, workout, facial items, whatever it takes) to obtain rid of my acne. I simply cannot have this on my face any longer.

Here is a picture: http://i.imgur.com/XipzkOg.jpg

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