I” m seeing a dermatologist but thinking about your thoughts before my next visit, regarding doxycycline and solodyn and progress up until now …

I am a 30 year old male with light to moderate facial acne and moderate to serious back and shoulders . I have actually been utilizing retin-a for a while on my face but not on back mainly since I can’ t reach extremely well. I was likewise at first recommended solodyn which worked fantastic other than the adverse effects made me stop. I” ve now been on doxycycline for 2 months and it looks like it” s not doing anything, especially for my back.

Just┬áto be clear, it’s the and not my face that’s truly relentless here.

CONCERNS: What was your experience with doxy? Does it truly take months to see any result. What other orals have you had success with. Any thing else in my life or regular or diet plan I believe I” d have actually thought about now but I” m available to concepts.

For recommendation, I shower daily, never ever use clothing more than when, consume a clean diet plan, and routinely workout. I” m sorta at my wits end here. I” ll see exactly what the doc states interested but next in your thoughts also. Lastly, I consume a little to moderate quantity of grain and dairy products but thinking about cutting that out completely simply to see.